Student Activities

Touro University California seeks to attract and support talented students, faculty and staff from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide variety of interests. Touro University's clubs are created by and for students, and each has a faculty advisor. The student organizations are intended to create a forum for support, discussion, education, and fun and are open to all students.  The clubs on campus fall into one of the following categories:

 Medical Interest Associations: (i.e. Dermatology Club,  Emergency Medical Club, Integrative Medicine Club, Lifetyle Medicine Club, Nutrition Club, Ophthalmology Club, Women’s Health Club , etc.) 

  1. Pharmacy Organizations: (e.g. Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, American Colelge of Clinical Pharmacy, American Pharmacists Association, National Community Pharmacists Association, Chinese/Indian/Latino/Vietnamese Pharmacy Associations, etc.)
  2. Community Service & Volunteer Activities:  (e.g. ACOP Pediatrics Club, Dermatology Club, Emergency Medicine Club, Peds Club, Student Run Health Clinic, Teen Life Conference Planning Committee, etc.)  
  3. Cultural Groups: (e.g.  Spanish Club, etc.)
  4. Special Interest Groups: (e.g. Interprofessional Education, Keystone Club, Photography Club, Public Health Club, Touro Environmental Action Club, etc.)
  5. Sports Groups:(e.g. Badminton Club, Basketball Club, Soccer Club, Softball Club, , Table Tennis Club,  Volleyball Club etc.)

 For a complete list of clubs on campus, visit the Student Life web page at; or

Contact either the Touro University Student Government Association (SGA) at; or

the Director of Student Activities and Student Government Advisor at  

Last Updated: 6/17/15