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Textbook Information

The University ensures that students have access to affordable course materials by transparency and disclosure with respect to course materials and supplies. Though Touro University works with Akademos, Inc. to provide an online bookstore for easy access to all course books, students may use any service they choose to purchase their books. To access our online bookstore please use the following link.

    Touro University Bookstore

The University also provides its students with the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for all required and recommended textbooks and supplemental material for each of its courses. Each College or Program provides textbook and supply lists to each of their students through specific course information on Blackboard as well as through their respective College/Program Student Handbook.

College of Education and Health Sciences                              
    Graduate School of Education
    Independent MPH Program 
    Joint MSPAS/MPH Program
    School of Nursing                                            

College of Pharmacy
PharmD Program

College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Osteopathic Medicine