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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity enriches our education by offering worlds of experience and cultural memory as opportunities to appreciate and develop new knowledge and practices. Inclusion is how we intentionally create an affirming learning environment that recognizes diversity as integral to our success.


Collective responsibility in the obstruction of injustice through the intentional cultivation of a culture of inclusion beyond compositional diversity.


To unite students, faculty and staff in collaborative efforts to promote social justice by working to eliminate health and educational disparities.


1. Work to institutionalize a university-wide Policy for Diversity and Inclusion (to be developed through the collaborative efforts of students, faculty and staff) together with dedicated infrastructure and resources needed to effectively implement this policy.

2. Support the implementation of best practices to ensure that TUC has a student body, faculty, curriculum and research programs that prioritize the inclusion of underrepresented minorities, cultural competence and sustainable efforts to promote health equity.

3. Help to cultivate an institutional culture that recognizes the importance of diversity and effectively supports and sustains students of diverse backgrounds in becoming excellent health care professionals and educators prepared to challenge health and educational disparities.

What We Do

Diversity and inclusion create new possibilities and outcomes through intentional and sustainable efforts. This enhances our intellectual environment with insight, perspective and initiatives that define who we are and what we do.


Touro Students on Gun Violence



Students are the heart of this institution. To ensure an affirming learning environment, the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to creating brave spaces and initiatives that support the well being of our students within and beyond their coursework. This also includes responding to incidences of bias that involve our community. Please feel free to engage the director with any ideas, suggestions or concerns.


Our Director

Devon Lee joined the Touro University California campus community on June 4, 2018. Devon is a transdisciplinary scholar-activist trained in Africana Studies who believes that activism is professional development. Touro’s commitment to social justice shares this understanding in shaping future health care professionals and educators dedicated to quality care and transformative education that keeps medical and educational equity at heart. As Director for Student Diversity and Inclusion, Devon brings his training and passion to our University.

Devon Head Shot



Safe Net

We are currently working to establish a safe zone network of faculty, staff and students with safe zone training. This network will not only create safe spaces around campus, but also a promote a campus-wide platform around gender identity and sexual orientation. 

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

We have established a campus-wide diversity and inclusion committee with representatives across campus that will work collaboratively to promote diversity and inclusion. 

Anti-Bias Training

We all have bias. However, some bias is shaped by structures of domination that impact the lives of marginalized groups in particular. This workshop is a two part series that  engages the social implications of implicit bias and its relationship with structural racism, sexism and homophobia. 

Professional Identity Workshop

The questions: who are you and what do you do respond to the distance between personal and professional identity. Both are often conflated to the degree that it becomes difficult to discern the difference between the two. This workshop is designed to allow participants to interrogate the relationship between their personal identity and professional identity; along with how they are mutually informed. 

Micro-Aggressions Training 

Most people communicate and experience bias in subtle ways. This workshop is designed to recognize and build a capacity to respond effectively to subtle slights [that may be intentional or otherwise] that could potentially cause harm over the course of a person’s life.   

Intercultural Communication/Facilitation Training

This workshop is designed to create a capacity for intercultural dialog. All health professionals and educators will have to navigate the nuances within and between cultural lexicons within their given professional and social interactions. This workshop is designed to critically engage participants with ways to mediate and/or engage in dialog around issues of racism, sexism and homophobia (in particular).   

Diversity Check UP

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will host a semesterly town-hall to take input from the campus community and provide information on our current and future engagements. 

Leadership Training

This office will offer leadership training workshops that utilize a multi-cultural and feminist framework. This training is responsive to current and future demographic shifts. 

On-Demand Training

This will be an opportunity to collaborate workshop/training topics with students, faculty and staff whom wish to engage groups on issues/topics related to diversity and inclusion. 

Diversity Canvas

Diversity and Inclusion cover a broad range of topics and competencies. The diversity canvas will be an opportunity for us to share knowledge, literature, training documents and host discussion forums on topics that are designed to promote diversity and inclusion. 


Questions, comments and concerns: 

Devon Lee
Gender Pronouns: He/Him/His
Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion
Touro University California
(707) 638-5325

690 Walnut Ave. #200 Vallejo, CA 94592


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