There are three disbursements each academic year:   Summer  Fall   Spring.    Students can contact Financial Aid Department finaid@tu.edu regarding disbursement dates.  Please allow up to 14 days for the The Bursar's to process your refund.   To receive your refund quicker, please sign up for direct deposit at  https://enroll.moneynetworkedu.com/  To make sure there are no problems for you in receiving your refund some of the following steps need to be completed by you. 

You must be registered for current semester

  • If you have an outstanding balance from a prior term, your account will be placed on a Bursar hold until the past due balance is paid. A Bursar hold prevents you from registering.  All balances must be paid before you are able to registered for the current term. 


Current Mailing Address/Contact Information

  • Make sure that your address is current in TouroOne.   If refunds checks are not picked up within 21 days the Bursar's Office will mail your refund check to the address that is on file.