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Career & Professional Development 4-Step Model


1. Self-Knowledge: Who are you?


The journey towards career fulfillment, self-actualization, and success begins with a focus turned inward- not outside of yourself. 

100 years of vocational psychology research indicates that there are three principle characteristics that you will need to understand within yourself to meaningfully proceed in career decision making.  These are Interests, Values, and Abilities.

 Career professionals can help you to build an understanding of your inventory which will lead you into the second step.

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2. Exploration: Who will reward you for your unique set of Interests, Values, and Abilities?


Many avenues exist to encourage and facilitate exploration of the world of work.  Some examples include Counseling, Experiential Learning (Rotations, Internships, Volunteering, receiving Mentoring and Shadowing), Networking, Research, and Presentations by Industry Experts.

Successfully matching your Interests, Values, and Abilities to a career results in greater success and happiness.

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3. Marketing/ Telling your Story: What do you have to offer and to Whom?/ What is your passion, narrative, and theme?


The challenge of presenting yourself as a strong candidate (whether you seek a rotation, residency, internship, part-time job, full-time career, or further graduate school) becomes less daunting when properly prepared.  Completing steps 1 & 2 will empower you to understand and convey “hard (as in, you can touch) skills,” including preparing a Resume, Cover letter, and Thank you note, and “soft skills” of Interviewing, Networking, and Negotiating.

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4. Professionalism: How should you behave in the workplace?


In an ever changing and globalizing workplace, it is of paramount importance that professionals understand how to conduct themselves, be contributors, and self-promoters.  Therefore the skills of Communication, Etiquette, building strong Allies/ Advocates/ References, understanding Responsibility to social contracts, and Networking to individual and organizational benefit are supported. 

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This Model is a tool to be used in developing ready-for-work graduates.  You will undoubtedly navigate this course many times in your future and the goal of the Career and Professional Development service is to give you the tools you need to be self-aware, connected, empowered, and a successful and happy professional during this journey.