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TUC Alumni Mentor Program

The TUC Alumni Mentor Program offers every student a unique opportunity to develop relationships with alumni and allows him or her to explore the information and advice related to academic and professional development. It builds a synergy between present students and the alumni and leads to developing a strong global network.


As a TUC student, you have exclusive access to a robust network of alumni who are eager and willing to meet you and share their wisdom and advice about life beyond TUC.

The TUC Alumni Mentor Program is a unique opportunity for you to form meaningful and lasting relationships with alumni that will extend beyond campus walls. As a program participant, you’ll have a chance to request a mentor to assist you with academic guidance, career advice and personal development. You will be paired for the academic year. We encourage mentors and mentees to connect on a regular basis (i.e. once a month phone call, in person meeting, or email conversation). However, the frequency and form of communication are things you can determine together.

Program Expectations:
  • Understand what you want from the mentoring relationship and communicate your goals and aspirations to your mentor.
  • Balance personal and professional relationship with your mentor.
  • Set aside time for the mentoring process and keep all scheduled appointments with your mentor and display professional behavior.
  • Respond in a timely manner to your mentor's feedback and at most two days after receipt of an email.
  • Be open and honest with your mentor about your challenges and weaknesses.
  • If something concerning the mentor needs to be discussed with others, it should first be discussed within the mentoring relationship.
  • As part of professional development, commit to working with the Career and Professional Development office to review and update professional resources, including resume building and soft skill preparations

A student would have completed at least one semester at TUC and be in good academic standing (3.0 Cumulative GPA or higher).

Apply to be a Mentee

Matching Process

Students and Alumni are thoughtfully paired based on a variety of factors including course of study and career aspirations. It is important to note that student protégés and alumni mentors may not have the exact major or career but we believe our alumni mentors have much more to offer than just career advice! All professional, personal, academic and life experiences are valuable to share. 

Due to student demand, we cannot guarantee every alumni volunteer will be paired. At the end of the matching process, the volunteers who were not paired will be contacted with other opportunities to support students.

Frequently Asked Questions