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Welcome to Counseling Services at Touro University

The demands of academic life along with maintaining relationships, family connections, and caring for ourselves can leave us feeling unbalanced and struggling to keep it all together. Counseling assists students in developing greater self-understanding and helps students resolve problems that interfere with their personal and academic potential. Counseling services are here to provide support when you need them. We offer strictly confidential individual, couple, and group counseling to currently enrolled students of Touro University. Counseling also provides mental health consultation to the campus community. We are here to help.

Students visit the University Counseling Center for a variety of reasons, and usually because they want to feel better! Some seek help coping with the pressures associated with a challenging academic environment or with adjustment to major life transitions. Others want to learn how to be more effective in developing and maintaining relationships. Counseling can be beneficial for students who are feeling depressed or anxious, as well as those who want to examine their beliefs or explore their current life situations. Counseling services offers students the opportunity to look at themselves and their environment and to change the way they think, feel, and behave so they can make the most of their time at Touro University.


To schedule an appointment, or for any questions call 707-638-5292. By calling this number you can schedule an appointment, leave a voicemail and receive a call back, or you may speak by phone with an off site counselor 24-7 by choosing option 3.

Common Presenting Concerns Include:

  • Mental Health Consultation
  • Family & Cultural Issues
  • Grief, Loss, & Bereavement
  • Changes in Thoughts, Feelings, or Behavior
  • Relationships, Sexuality
  • Eating & Body Image
  • Identity, Self-Esteem & Phase-of-Life Challenges
  • Academic Performance & Life path  Issues
  • Anger, Anxiety, Depressed Mood, Worry, & more...
  • Alcohol/drug issues

Emergency Resources and Referrals

Emergency and After Hours Services:

If you or another person is having a mental health emergency outside of business hours call:

emergency hotline numbers

After Hours Help

Call 707-638-5292 to be connected to the Counseling Office. You can choose Option 3 to speak with a live counselor 24-7.

Additional resources have been provided by American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Active Minds. For further information about these organizations or further resources go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention homepage: and Active Minds homepage at

Questions and Consultations:

Director of Counseling Ryan Guetersloh MA, LMFT is available for consultation and questions at 707-638-5822.  Messages are usually returned within 24 hours.  For immediate and urgent service needs after business hours call the above numbers listed in red (above).



Ryan Guetersloh MA, LMFT            Director of Counseling Services

Ryan is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a passionate and experienced mental health professional, presenter, and educator. He has worked extensively in college mental health and private practice settings, serving a wide range of clinical issues. He is deeply invested in helping students navigate the personal issues that impact their paths to success.

Marcia Greene MS, LMFT               Senior Counselor

Marcia is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been practicing since 2008 in settings including university counseling, Hospice, and private practice. Her approach is creative, flexible, and pragmatic. She collaborates with her clients to discover solutions to issues – whether through insight, exploration of feelings, challenging thoughts, learning useful skills, or experimenting with new behaviors to foster long-lasting change.

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