Leaves of Absence

Students may request or may be directed to take a leave of absence from their studies at the University. Leaves of absence are coordinated by the office of Student Services. Leaves of absence can be taken for a variety of reasons including personal health, family health situations, personal mental health (and family crisis situations), study in a special program, and to prepare for external board examinations, for example. The University may direct a student to take a leave of absence for any of these reasons. Student initiated leaves must be requested through the Associate Dean of Student Services. The Associate Dean of Student Services reviews the request, discusses the request with the student and then makes a recommendation to the student’s Dean or Program Director. Students must arrange for a return from a leave of absence and are required to stay in contact with the University as directed and must keep all contact information for themselves constantly up to date with the University.

Forms to request a Leave of Absence may be obtained through the Office of the Associate Dean of Student Services,

207 Wilderman Hall
the Office of the Registrar,
202 Wilderman Hall

 or on-line by clicking Leave of Absence.