New Student Checklist


This checklist has been created by Student Affairs in an effort to support your overall success as a student.  It is to your best advantage to attend to all these items, BEFORE your first term starts.   


Following Acceptance

As part of the Admissions process you will receive a 9 digit student ID #, access to the TUC Student Portal (TouroOne) and a TUC student Email address. If you are missing any of these items please contact the Office of Admissions -
Status Task or Action item Due By Website/Resource NOTES
  Submit required Transcripts prior to 7/1


"For details regarding transcript submission, please refer to:

 Refer to Acceptance packet for details through CAS service or through your schools electronic transcript delivery service. 
  Once added to your class email group/listserve,  introduce yourself to your classmates!  prior to 7/1     Check your personal email for updates
  Put Orientation Dates on Calendar - August 2 and 3, 2020 prior to 7/1     
  Receive TUC student email account information which was emailed to your personal email account. As accepted  Problems with this? contact Admissions  Your student email will be used for all future communications to and from the University
  Log into TouroOne to confirm Access As Accepted  Problems with this? contact Admissions   
  Update/Add Emergency contact and cell phone information on TouroOne 9/1/2020


 Please add this information and update during your tenure at TUC as needed.
  Acknowledge receipt of annual policies- Drug and Alcohol free workplace, FERPA 9/1/2020 TouroOne You will be sent the information and the return acknowledgement link.
  View "Not Anymore Video" 9/1/2020

Step 1:  Log on to the Student Success™ Not Anymore program at:


Step 2: Under “New Users” enter the following Access Code:  148822





  Add the Touro mobile App to your phone/tablet etc.  

Go to your app store and add "TouroOne TUC",   then open and log in! 


 Look to your specific department website for additional "New Student" items


Complete all student health requirements 

(Pharmacy, Osteopathic Medicine, Physician Assistant, ONLY)


  Go to the Student Heath Website to read the overview and begin process of completing the following: 9/1/2020

Creating your profile help sheet

See/contact  Student Health page for specific details.  This account serves as the repository for all your heath verification forms. 
  Download forms from Website A, B , C-1, C-2,  D and F.  Complete forms A&F- upload to CastleBranch 9/1/2020   Signatures must be legible on forms A and F or they will be returned.  A&F are legal documents
  Read all information under Pre-matriculation Immunization requirements for entering students  also specific to your program 9/1/2020  
  Read and follow the directions regarding required Lab Titers (Tests) 9/1/2020  
  Make appointment with medical provider.  Take information about the required Titers  (Tests) and CPT codes to your appointment.  Get results for next step. 9/1/2020   Titers must be quantitative (numerical values)  Qualitative (Yes/No) will be rejected
  Upload results  to CastleBranch 9/1/2020



  View Student Health Video    Add Link you will be sent the access code
  Contact Student Health with any questions!   



 To receive Financial Aid

   Complete your Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) form using 2018 income 10/1/2019

Complete FAFSA

 FA will Email you with detailed directions and instructions
   Review Student Budgets/Cost of Attendance (COA) for your program.  ASAP

Review Student Budgets/Cost of Attendance

   Review our Federal Loan Page to become familiar with federal loans terms and conditions. ASAP Review our Federal Loan Page  
  Complete/provide requested information such as tax returns or transcripts, citizenship information, or other verification documents.  Please do not complete Entrance Counseling or MPN’s at this time. Early March, 2020 Complete/provide requested information   You will see this information on the TourOne Financial Services Tab.  
  Complete Entrance Counseling at  It is located under the “COMPLETE AID PROCESS” drop down. Late April, 2020 Complete Entrance Counseling   
  Complete loan applications MPN’s at It is located under the “COMPLETE AID PROCESS” drop down box. You are not borrowing through this action. You will still need to accept your awards in TouroOne and register for classes before your loans will be funded. Late April, 2020 Complete loan applications MPN’s   
  Accept financial Aid “Terms and Conditions” in TouroOne. Available only when 2020-2021 awards are available. Mid May, 2020 Accept financial Aid “Terms and Conditions”  
  Review and Decline/Reduce/Accept awards in TouroOne.  Use information from your 2020-21 COA and Federal loan information to determine your amounts to borrow. Mid May, 2020 Review and Decline/Reduce/Accept awards in TouroOne.   

 Final Steps - All New Students must complete:

  Complete self registration (GSOE,MPH and DNP only)-  all others are enrolled by registrar. As early as possible but by 7 /15

GSOE, MPH, Nursing(DNP) and PA electives
  Check registration on TouroOne  to preview your enrollment in classes.

All students- if not enrolled, contact academic dept and/or Registrar


  Check Access to Canvas to confirm you can view your classes

All students- if problems with access/password etc contact helpdesk link

  VETERANS ONLY Provide award letter to registrar if wishing to receive VA award Veterans Recipients only
  Complete/submit  Student Health  Insurance Plan  (SHIP) waiver if needed (PharmD, DO, PA, NURS)  SHIP opens on 5/1/2020 2020-2021 SHIP link will be updated by June 1, 2020.  Please review the website to know the deadline of SHIP for your program


Sign up for Direct Deposit Before Classes begin   Click on Financial Services Tab, Clik on "Access TouchNet"
  Notify Bursar if supported by outside group ( Military, Dept. of Rehab… or other)

Before Classes begin  
  Pay your TUC balance 8/1/2020  

Click on Financial Services Tab, Clikc on Access TouchNet


Submit Photo for Student ID card creation  By 7/15 Link to be added IT dept.  - you will get an email providing you the information needed to create a Student ID as well as apply for a parking permit.  
  Submit Information for Parking Permit  By 7/15    This allows processing time so that this is available at Orientation
  Review Orientation Videos to Learn more about TUC Services!!! By 8/2  

Attend University and/or Program Virtual Orientation - 8/2/20 & 8/3/20

  Given Covid restrictions check in and involvement are through the new student website( above)