Registrar's Calendar and Deadlines


A variety of dates are listed below for each School, program and year.  Because these dates vary to support the different curricula, be sure to check, and note, the dates listed for you situation.


Registration Start Date: This is the first day that registration become available to you (self or flexible registration)  and/or the first day that you will see any block registration performed by the Registrars office on your behalf.

Registration End Date This is not a hard and fast deadline since you actually have access to continue to add through the Add/Drop deadline however to insure full refunds, FA disbursements book purchase and your own planning, it is suggested that you finalize your schedule by this date.

Last day to add/Drop This is the true deadline for adding any class for the term .  Drops prior to this deadline will not appear on the students transcript as active enrollment.

Last day to Drop with a "W" grade.  Drops after the ADD/Drop but before this date do appear as "W" grades on the students transcript. Drops after this date call for a final grade to be entered. 

2020-2021 Academic Calendar






2019-2020 Academic Calendar

2018-2019 Academic Calendar

All Dates are Subject to Change.

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