Registration Information


NOTE: If there are any holds on your student account (e.g. a bursar hold or an immunization hold), you will NOT be able to register for any courses or rotations until the hold has been cleared.

Students are enrolled in a variety of ways depending on their discipline and year.  The following chart defines what type(s) of registration are utilized for each group.  Block registration means that the registrar’s office enrolls the students as directed by the department. Flexible, or Self-Registration means the students must enroll themselves. Please see the specific registration calendar for your program and year. 


 Programs and Years that are Block   Registered (You are registered by the Registrar’s Office at the direction of your program)

 CHECK YOUR SCHEDULE ON TOURO ONE to make   sure it is accurate for your particular situation.


Programs and Years that requires Self-   Registration (you register yourself via Touro one as directed by your advisor)




College of Osteopathic Medicine  (all levels and years)



College Of Pharmacy ( years 1 & 2)


College of Pharmacy ( years 3 & 4)


College of Education and Health Sciences


Physician’s   Assistant (core curriculum))


Physician’s Assistant (Electives)




Public Health




MA, MED, Certificates


All students are required to register and/or check  the accuracy their registration  online via TourOne by their specified academic program registration deadline. Students are encouraged to be active in their review of their TourOne accounts to view registration, student account and other critical administrative information related to student academic records. Please see the college calendar posted on the registrar website for current registration and other important deadlines. Failure to register by the deadlines posted will exclude the student from attending classes. Students who register late will be charged. 

a late registration penalty. Full tuition and fees and any prior debts must be paid in full on or before registration day each academic term. Students who fail to register during a semester, or whose efforts  to register fail to conform with university and academic program regulations, may not at the end of such semester receive credit for courses or parts of courses completed.

Students registering for electives must complete a paper registration form with required instructor(s) signature(s) and approval of the Bursar prior to processing. See catalog section on adding classes for more detail on this process.

The university has both semester and trimester terms and students may begin their didactic portion  of their degree during one type of academic calendar term and switch to the other term basis mid- way through their academic program. In general, there are three registration sessions, fall, spring and summer. Matriculation and promotion are subject to satisfactory completion of all academic requirements and payment of all outstanding debts to the university.  For new students the following items are required (see catalog section Additional Admission Requirements for details):

  • a physical exam,
  • immunizations as outlined on the physical examination form,
  • proof of health insurance and documentation that the insurance meets or exceeds the requirements to be granted a waiver.


Attendance during orientation is mandatory for new students. For subsequent sessions/years students receive registration forms from the Registrar approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of the new Academic year.


Late Registration

A student registering after classes have begun, must obtain the written permission of the Dean of the School in which the student is enrolled. Permission of the instructor in each course  is also required in all such cases. A late registration fee of $50.00 will be assessed against all late registrants.


Continuous Enrollment

Students must register for a minimum of 3 credit hours each semester to maintain active student status. Students with fewer than six graduate units may not be eligible for Financial Aid, but are considered an active student. Students who are progressing in the completion of their thesis or dissertation are required to register for a continuation course each semester until the thesis or dissertation is completed and is given final approval.  Students who do not register as required may and for whom more than 365 days have elapsed since the date of last attendance may be administratively separated from the university and would then be required to reapply for admission should they wish to continue. Exceptions to this would be a request for a leave of absence. Leave of absences are made only with the approval of the academic program and university registrar; see Leave of Absence section of this catalog for a more complete explanation.



All Touro University California students will utilize TourOne, the Online Student Information System, to register for their courses/rotations. Click here for more information on how to navigate TouroOne.


If a student needs to change their registration (add or drop a class), the student can add courses through  Web until the online registration period has closed.  Once online registration has closed, students will need to submit an add/drop form for all changes.

Registration and add/drop forms may be submitted in person to 609 Walnut Ave, by by fax to 707-638-5267 or by email to





It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all courses are registered correctly and that all grades have been recorded accurately.

A student is considered full-time if he/she has enrolled in nine (9) units or more during a semester. If a student is enrolled in less than nine (9) units during a semester, he/she is considered part-time.

Financial aid is available for eligible students enrolled in a minimum of six (6) units per semester.