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Credit and Student Transfer Policies and Articulation Agreements

Some TUC degree programs will consider students who wish to transfer into TUC from another institution and/or will consider accepting credits earned at other degree programs toward completion of a degree at TUC.  Policies regarding transfer of credit and student transfers are provided below.  Touro University California has no official articulation agreements with any other institution.

College of Osteopathic Medicine

The following policies and procedures apply to any student desirous of transferring from any other medical school to TUCOM, including those wishing to transfer to or from TUCOM – Nevada.

TUCOM accepts transfer students only from medical schools and colleges accredited either by the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) or by the Liaison committee on Medical Education (LCME).  Transfer students must be in “good academic standing” and have acceptable reason(s) for seeking a transfer.  Candidates for transfer must be eligible for continuation in, or re-admission to, the previously attended medical school or college.  Students transferring to TUCOM must complete, at a minimum, the last two (2) years of instruction at TUCOM.

Coursework completed at the prior medical school or college will be reviewed for each transfer student and additional coursework may be assigned to ensure that the transferring student has received equivalent academic preparation for his/her level of entry into TUCOM.  In particular, students transferring from LCME-accredited schools will be assigned to training in osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) to ensure that TUCOM’s requirement for OMM will be completed prior to graduation.

Transfer applicants must provide the following information in time to allow appropriate committee review proceeding the semester of intended enrollment:

  • A letter to the Director of Admissions indicating why the student wishes to transfer.
  • A Supplemental Application (with the non-refundable $100 application fee) clearly marked and highlighted FOR TRANSFER ONLY.
  • Most recent format of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) score.
  • Official copies of transcripts from all post-secondary school and colleges.
  • Official copy of the most current medical school transcript.
  • A letter from the medical college in which the students is currently enrolled, stating that the student is in good academic standing.
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member at the medical college in which the student is currently enrolled.

 All required material (see above) must be directed to the attention of the Director of Admissions of TUCOM and be submitted in a timely manner.  Acceptance of transfer students will be dependent upon the student’s qualifications, curricular compatibility and available space.  Additional course work may be required to satisfy academic deficiencies.



January 15 – All application materials due, less Fall transcripts.
First Monday in February – Fall transcripts due

It is the candidates responsibility to ensure that all materials are received prior to the posted deadlines.  Candidates who submit required material after the deadlines will not be considered.

Admissions Committee review

Once the candidate’s file is complete, the Admissions committee will meet and determine availability based upon the student’s academic record and compatibility with mission of the institution.

Admissions may reject the applicant at this stage, or if found acceptable, may send the file on for consideration by the Student Promotion Committee

Student Promotion Committee review

The Student Promotion Committee will review the file to determine compatibility with the curriculum and, if appropriate, specify the deficiencies to be addressed.  If the candidate’s records are found at this stage, the transfer application file will be returned to the Director of Admissions in preparation for the personal interview.

Personal Interview

The Director of Admissions, on the recommendation of both the Admissions committee and the Student Promotion Committee will invite the transfer candidate to TUCOM to be interviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Final Decision

Following the personal interview, the Admissions committee will either charge the Director of Admissions with advising the candidate that the request for transfer has not been approved, or will recommend to the Dean of the College that the request for transfer be granted.  The Dean shall finally determine admission status and class standing.

Graduate School of Education

Transfer of Coursework

Coursework may be transferred into Touro University California Graduate School of Education programs using the following guidelines:

•     A minimum of 2/3 of the units for a degree or program must be completed at Touro University California in order to be recommended for a degree, certificate, and/or credential.
•     In certain circumstances, additional credits may be accepted for transfer toward a Master’s degree upon approval of the Dean of the Graduate School of Education
•     Waiver and substitutions of credits will only be approved upon entrance into a program of study.
•     Coursework is not automatically transferable from another institution of higher learning to Touro University California. Units to be transferred must have been completed within 7 years of admission to the Touro University California GSOE program. A grade of B or higher must have been earned.  The transferred course must be equivalent in content to the Touro course being waived.  The course work must be from an appropriately accredited institution of higher learning.
•     Official transcripts and course descriptions must be provided to evaluate transferred courses.

Waiver: Students may request a required course to be waived based on university work completed.

Substitution: Students may request to substitute coursework taken at another university. Course substitutions do not result in a reduction of the number of units required to complete a program.

The process for requesting a course substitution or waiver is outlined below:

1.   A substitution or waiver form must be completed for each requested course transfer. 
2.   For course substitutions or waivers and the student should provide course description from the catalog of the institution at which the course being used for the substitution was originally taken and a course syllabus if requested. 
3.   The program chair will review the submitted information to determine if the substitution or waiver is justified.  
4.   The Dean of the Graduate School of Education reviews all requests to determine if the course or work is a legitimate substitution/waiver and approves the transfer of credits.

School of Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice

 The Touro University California Master of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs will consider granting transfer credit for previously completed coursework according to the following guidelines: 

  • A minimum of 2/3 of the units required for either degree program must be completed at Touro University California; the programs will currently accept up to 15 units of transfer credit.

  • A written request for transfer credit must be submitted with the application for admission.
    • The request must include the official course number, name, and course description of each course to be transferred.
    • Official or unofficial transcripts must be provided for each course.  If accepted, official transcripts will be required prior to matriculation.
  • Coursework is not automatically transferable from another institution of higher learning to Touro University California:
    • Each course must have been completed with a grade of C or better. 
    • Transferred coursework must be equivalent in content and level to the Touro coursework being waived. 
    • Transferred coursework must be from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning.
  • Upon receipt, the School of Nursing will review the request for transfer credit and transcripts.  Approved credit will be recorded on Transfer Credit form, which will be signed by the School of Nursing, the applicant, and the University Registrar.
    • Please note that transfer credit will not be considered official (e.g., added to the student record) until the Transfer Credit form is signed by all parties.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Transfer Credit for TUC Master of Science in Nursing Students

Three courses in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program are also offered in the Master of Science in Nursing program: 

  •  NRSC 7 – Advanced Physical Assessment (3 units)
  • NRSC 8 – Advanced Pathophysiology (3 units)
  • NRSC 9 – Advanced Pharmacology (3 units) 

Doctor of Nursing Practice program students will be given transfer credit for any of these courses previously completed as part of the TUC Master of Science in Nursing program.  Because these transfer credits are counted against the maximum of 15 units of transfer credit, TUC MSN students who continue into the DNP program may only receive up to 6 units of transfer credit from external sources. 

Transfer Credit for Clinical/Practicum Hours

The Doctor of Nursing Practice program requires a total of 1,000 clinical hours.  Students who previously completed a Master of Science in Nursing degree from a regionally accredited institution may request transfer credit for up to 370 clinical hours by uploading a Request for Clinical Hour Transfer Credit form with the admissions application.  Clinical/practicum hours must also be verified by one of the following, which will also be uploaded with the application: 

  • Un-Official transcript.  Clinical/practicum hours must be clearly identified.  An official transcript will be required prior to matriculation.
  • Syllabi for clinical/practicum courses.  Hours must be clearly identified.
  • Letter from Program Director or representative, verifying clinical/practicum hours.