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New Federal Aid Summary

 Updated Covid-19 Loan Information 
Currently 0% Interest and $0 Payments through 8/31/2022
Public Service Loan Forgiveness - PSLF

 Loan Repayment Calculators

Loan Simulator

Provided by the Department of Education, this free calculator can help you determine what loan repayment method you may qualify for.


Don't let their law school focus keep you from using it. This is a nice calculator for any graduate/professional student. They also have a handy guide for your use.

AAMC Med Loan

This calculator receives excellent feedback.  This is a easy-to-use calculator is free for DO students.


 When You Begin Making Payments

When your loan enters repayment (usually 6 months after you are enrolled at least half-time), your servicer will automatically place you on the Standard Repayment Plan. You can request a different repayment plan at any time. 

 Repayment Plans

You have a choice of several repayment plans that are designed to meet the different needs of individual borrowers. Most students will benefit initially by enrolling in the PAYE or REPAYE plan.  

Loan Repayment Webinars - Spring 2022

Doctors Without Quarters TUC COM recorded webinar 4/21/21
New DO webinar coming May 2022

Doctor's Without Quarters -  Webinars available for 2021 Grads.

Doctors Without Quarters TUC COP recorded webinar 5/4/21

COP 4/2/21 - Loan repayment and Financial Planning


Physician Loans If you plan to buy a home during or after your COM residency. Webinars available for 2021 Grads.  TUCCOM 2021 Grad Recorded 3/10/21.

Loan Repayment List Serve - 2022

Begins mid-May and runs through December, 2022.  This list serve will be moderated by PGPresents.  2022 graduates from COM, COP, and PA can pose questions and have them anonymously answered in the list serve for the benefit of all.

 Narrated Repayment Modules

This series of short recorded modules offered by PGPresents run about six to eight minutes each (The modules take about 10 seconds to open).  

Module 1 - Touro University Module 2 - Simple Steps to a Repayment Strategy Module 3 - Your Student Loan Portfolio
Module 4 - Interest Rates and Capitalization Module 5 - The CARES Act Module 6 - Loan Servicers and Payment Application
Module 7 - Importance of Monthly Interest Due Module 8 - Repayment Plans for Federal Loans Module 9 - Income Driven Repayment Plans
Module 10 - PAYE versus REPAYE Module 11 - Married Borrowers and Repayment Module 12 - $0 IDR Payments
Module 13 - Repayment Calculators Module 14 - Public Service Loan Forgiveness Module 15 - Starting Repayment and PSLF Early
Module 16 - Postponing Payments during Training Module 17 - Federal Consolidation Module 18 - Refinancing with a Private Lender
Module 19 - You Didn't Match, Now What Module 20 - Changing Strategies and Repayment Plans  


Free one-on-one Graduate Loan Counseling

If you have specific questions about student loans and loan repayment you can call, email or chat with AccessConnexYou can also schedule a one-on-one free consultation with a repayment counselor.  Their services are available for any graduate/professional student even though you will see that their focus is law students.

Fee Paid one-on-one Graduate Loan Counseling

Determining the best path to loan repayment can be challenging.  Which payment plan is best for you given your student student loan debt, current and projected income, family size, current and future plans? Do you want to pursue Public Loan Forgiveness? These providers can offer detailed one-on-one advice and guidance based on your specific situation and future goals.  You will receive a detailed summary and action plan with each consultation and on-going support.  Fees for spring 2021 are $300-$350.

PG Presents for those entering their Medical Residency and other Programs (on-going support included in fee).

Doctor's Without Quarters (on-going support requires additional fee)


  COVID-19 Loan Information:



Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Congress created the PSLF to encourage individuals to enter and continue to work full-time in public service jobs. 

Please see this PDF or the narrated repayment modules above for more details. You can apply at the federal student aid PSLF website. 

 Loan Repayment Programs with a Service Component

CalHealth Cares
National Institutes of Health
National Health Service Corps 

 Perkins Loan Repayment

Perkins Loans are not available for new borrowers. For Perkins Loan Repayment contact the Perkins Loan Coordinator, Natalia Plotkina in New York at (212) 463-0400 Ext 5566 or by email