Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where do I find my Financial Aid information on TouroOne?

It's on the Financial Services tab.  Use this tip sheet to find specific information.

 2. When/how will I receive my award letter/loan offer?

Awarding/Loan Offers generally begins by mid-May of each year.  Students must have completed the FAFSA as well as providing any additional requested forms from financial aid.

See our FA Application Process page for more information!

The federal award year at TUC begins in summer. Your aid will be awarded summer, fall, spring or each of those terms you are will attend.

3. When will I receive my refund for living expenses?

Once your loans disburse to your TouroOne account as noted below, you will receive a student living expense refund from the Bursar's office within 14 calendar days after the date you have a credit balance on TouroOne or after the start of the semester, whichever is later.  Signing up for direct deposit will help expedite the process.

4. When will my loan disbursements post to TouroOne?

You'll receive one disbursement for each semester.  Of course you'll need to reapply each year in spring for the following summer. 

You can see disbursement dates on TouroOne by following this path:

Financial Services Tab > Financial Aid Awards > Select “2020-2021” > Select “Award Payment Schedule Link” (at the bottom of the page).  Your refund will occur within 14 days after the posted funds creating a credit balance on your account.  See the bursar's page for more information. (Look for 2021-22 funds in mid-May 2021)

Summer Note:  Funds for summer terms are generally available mid to late June even if the summer start date is earlier.


5. How much do I borrow? I want to keep my loan debt to a minimum.

Determining your budget, or how much you will spend each month is a great way to start.  See your student budget/Cost of Attendance (COA) here.  This calculator will help you track one-time per semester expenses like tuition and fees as well as monthly expenses like rent and car insurance. 

COA's for each year are usually available in May once the new tuition rates are released.

6. What is the maximum loan amount I can borrow in my academic/financial aid year?

Your can borrow no more than your total Cost of Attendance (COA) for the program for that specific year.  

Financial Services Tab > Financial Aid Awards > Select “2021-2022” > Select “Award Overview” at the top. Review the Need Calculation.   The “Need” line shows your remaining unmet need, or the amount you can borrow.

Increased need hack: If you have no remaining unmet need in the spring but still are in need of funds, contact us to increase your student budget to include your Grad Plus loan fees for additional funds to borrow.  Also see # 6 below.

Please submit any spring increase requests by mid-April to ensure eligibility.

7. What is the program’s Cost of Attendance? How is it determined?

See our Cost of Attendance Page.

8. What happens if the COA is not sufficient or if I have a financial emergency?

Please keep in mind that according to federal regulations, the budget is constructed for students only, not a student’s family.  Requests for increases will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must have supporting documentation. Regulations allow us to review dependent care costs and  medical expenses. We may also make adjustments to already existing room & board, personal, and transportation expenses to the extent they are greater than those already included in your COA. To request a COA adjustment, please contact financial aid.  We can discuss your unique circumstance and necessary forms and documentation. Documents must support expenses paid, not expenses billed.

9. How do I know all of the steps to receive financial aid?

The TUC process is available on our Application Process Page.

10. Do I have to update my FAFSA every year I am enrolled?

Yes!! you must re-file your FAFSA for every year in which you request financial aid. No aid can be awarded until your FAFSA in completed for the next summer, fall, and spring of enrollment.  The FAFSA year opens each October 1st and uses income from the prior calendar year.

11. What about part time work on campus?

Federal work study allows you to work in on campus and off campus position.  If you may be interested, make sure to "yes" on your FAFSA when asked "Are you interested in work-study?"

See more information on our work study page.

12. What is the school code for Touro University California (used for FAFSA and other processing)?

Touro University California's school code is: 041426. Note that this code will show “Touro University California” as the school.

13. How do I get help completing my FAFSA?

Federal Student Aid can help and there is a FAFSA Help Line at (800) 4-FED AID or (800) 433-3243.

14. How do I log into TouroOne?

After you are accepted as a TUC student, you will receive a communication advising you of your Touro ID.  Start by logging into If you haven’t logged into TouroOne before, check out this:  

All Financial Aid Information is on TouroOne under the Financial Services tab.

15. Who completes my In-School Deferment Form?

See the Registrar's page or contact their office for more information. 

16. I have questions about my loan repayment.  

See our Loan Repayment page for more information and contat

 17. What if I believe my financial aid has not been handled in accordance with federal regulation?

Students can submit questions for feedback to the Department of Education.  Students may also use this link for contacting the federal Ombudsman's Office.