Entrance and Exit Counseling

Incoming students and first time loan borrowers need to complete and pass the Entrance Counseling at StudentAid.gov before applying for federal student loans. 

Once you have successfully completed the session, your results will be sent electronically to the Financial Aid Office and we will proceed with certifying your loan. Please print a copy of the entrance counseling results for your records. 

Students that are graduating, withdrawing, or dropping below half time enrollment need to complete the Exit Counseling at StudentAid.gov. 

Entrance Counseling

Step 1 - Go to Student Aid.gov 
Step 2 - Log In using your FSA User ID
Step 2 - Click "Complete Loan Counseling"  
Step 3 - Click "Complete Entrance Counseling"
Step 4 - Select school to notify 
Step 5 - Select CA 
Step 6 - Select "Touro University" 

Step 7 - Select "I am completing Entrance counseling in order to receive loans as a graduate or professional student" 
(Once you have completed the Entrance Counseling, you must click review Rights and Responsibilities, then close and SUBMIT your test. If you do not submit your test and log out you will need to complete the entire test again.) 

Exit Counseling
Step 1 - Go to StudentAid.gov
Step 2 - Log In using your FSA User ID
Step 4 - Select school to notify 
Step 5 - Select CA 
Step 6 - Select "Touro University"

Step 7 - Complete "Exit Counseling"
(Make sure you have "Submitted" your Exit Counseling or you will need to complete the test again) 
Step 8 - Graduates should email Dannielle Lange to let her know you have completed this graduation requirement.