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Alternative or Private Loans are designed to supplement federal, state, and institutional financial aid. Borrowers must be credit worthy, and may require a co-signer. The loan programs may vary widely and should only be considered after your eligibility for all other types of aid are exhausted.

We believe the information presented on this site is unbiased, thorough, and clearly presented but you may choose any participating program or lender you wish. Please note that neither Touro University California nor any of its employees have received benefits of any kind in exchange for providing this list of lenders on the website.


ELM Select is a tool that may aid you in selecting a private educational loan.

The ELM Select website allows you to compare private loan terms and rates side-by-side. The site will give you an overview of loan options before requesting an application and credit check. The application and credit check will occur once you select the loan of your choice.

Borrowers have the right and ability to select the education loan provider of their choice and are not required to use any of the suggested lenders. You can find additional private loan information and suggestions from US News and World Report.

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Fourth year students may find it necessary to borrow additional loans for residency relocation and travel expenses. Residency Relocation loans are available to fourth year medical students to borrow. Some require proof of residency match and others will allow you to borrow earlier. 

There are different loan programs and options to choose from. Please pay close attention to the terms of each loan, as some loans have variable interest rates and different repayment terms. Below is a chart of some of the residency relocation loans available to fourth year students.

Please view the websites of each loan to verify the terms with the lender prior to borrowing as they are subject to change.

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PNC Solution Loan for Health Professions Residency



Physician mortgage loans are physician home loans, or mortgage products, aimed at medical professionals who want to own a home before their income potential is fully realized – here’s everything you need to know about going that route.  See this link for more information.  


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