Voter Registration Information

Please visit the Federal Election Commission for a voter registration form and more information on how to register to vote.

1. Remember to mail your registration form!

To vote in the next election, you must mail or deliver this form to your county elections office at least 15 days before the next election. As someone who registers by mail, you may be asked to show identification at the polling place the first time you vote.

2. Want to vote by mail for the next election?

You can register as a permanent vote-by-mail voter on the Political Party and Vote-By-Mail Preference page of this form. Alternatively, you can request a vote-by-mail ballot before each election by filling out this form and delivering it to your county elections office at least 7 days before the election.

3. New address, but same county?

You must re-register to vote whenever you move. If you missed the deadline to re-register to vote 15 days before the next election, you may still be able to vote. To find out how, contact your county elections office.

4. Using your form number.

Once you have completed the online form, you will receive a unique form number in case you wish to contact your county elections office about your registration.

5. Request for optional information.

Some of the information marked optional will not be shown on the printed registration form. However, all data, including optional information, will be provided electronically to your county elections office.

You will not be denied the right to register to vote if you decide not to provide a telephone number, email address, or any other optional information.

6. Your information is protected.

The law prohibits your voter registration information from being used for commercial purposes. Report any problems to the Secretary of State’s Voter Hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683).