Federal Work Study (FWS)

COVID-19 Changes:  With your health and safety in mind, all  job descriptions are being updated to clearly reflect which duties can be performed remotely.  Most of the available positions are remote. Any position requiring an on-campus presence is clearly noted.  Students may work up to 20 hours per week in the fall and spring depending on work study funding availability.


Federal Work-Study is a way for students to earn money to pay for school through part-time on-campus (and sometimes off-campus) jobs. The program gives students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience while pursuing a college degree.  You may have an opportunity to participate in research protocols, tutoring, or other positions which will enhance your academic knowledge as you progress through your program.

Being awarded Federal Work-Study does not guarantee you a job.  Accepting the Federal Work-Study funds you’re offered in TouroOne is just the first step. In order to receive those funds, you need to secure a position.  The list below can get you started.

Your total earning cannot exceed the total amount listed on your financial aid award. 

** Ensure you check "Yes" to the FAFSA question: "Are you interested in work study?"  You can update this item on your FAFSA anytime before awarding begins for 2022-23.

Please see additional information below to work in the summer.

The pay rate for Federal Work-Study positions at TUC is $16.00 per hour. Students are paid according to established payroll procedures.

Students with valid work-study contracts may be eligible for CalFresh, please visit the CalFresh website for additional information.

We suggest that incoming, new students accept their work study award, but wait until at least their first exam results to sign up for specific work study positions. This helps ensure your academic foundation is strongly built and you can better determine how many hours per week you would be comfortable working without affecting your academic goals. 

Process to Participate in Federal Work Study

  1. Check TouroOne to see if you have a work study award for the current year or contact financial aid to see if you are eligible. You must have completed the financial aid application (FAFSA) to determine eligibility.**
  2. Apply for a FWS position by contacting Job Supervisors. (click for listing)
  3. Be accepted for the position by Supervisor.
  4. Email Financial Aid with a Job Title and copy your Supervisor.
  5. A Touro College Employment Authorization Packet will be emailed to your official Touro email address.
  6. Review the contents of that packet with your supervisor.  The packet includes the following:
    1. Job description
    2. FWS Employment Authorization Contract
    3. FWS Confidentiality Disclosure
    4. W-4 - (completed in Financial Aid)
    5. I-9 - (completed in Financial Aid)
    6. Emergency Contact Form (typed and emailed back)
    7. Complete and email to Financial Aid Department:
    8. FWS Employment Authorization Contract
    9. Emergency Contact Form
  7. Employment Authorization documents that are presented in person.  (i.e. passport, driver's license, social security card)
  8. You will receive an email from the Work Study Program administrator with your start date.
  9. Reply to the email you received from the Work Study Program administrator with your start date. 

Your authorization to begin work occurs only after the completion of Step 9

  Summer 2022 Note: 

The two federal aid award years in summer are 21-22 and 22-23.

2021-22 Eligibility:  Your work eligibilty ends on the last day of your spring semester.

In order to work after your spring semester ends (4/29, 5/6, or 5/13 depending on program), you must:

  1. receive approval from Dale GergerAND
  2. be registered for the summer or fall 2022 semester, AND
  3. have remaining aid eligibility for spring to work until 6/26/22. Students cannot work 6/27 - 7/4/2022.

2022-23 The start date for summer work study falling under 22-23 has not yet been announced. 

Federal Work Study Links and Resources

FWS Payroll Calendar

On-Campus Federal Work Study Opportunities

Job descriptions below have supervisor contact information

Academic Support – Office Assistant
Academic Support – Peer Tutor
CEHS – Primary Care Module Coordinator for Dr Dugan
CEHS - Research Assistant  (Equity in the News) for Dr Lingas
CEHS - Research Assistant for Dr Mackie
CLIT- Student Assistant for Dr O’Conner
COM - Project Coordinator for Dr Hendriksz
COM - Course Facilitators for WARM
COM - WARM & IDEA Support Assistant
COM - Academic Affairs - Project Coordinator for Dr Hendriksz
COM - Academic Affairs - Research Assistant for Dr Hendriksz
COM – Basic Science – Online Anatomy Tech for Dr Eliot
COM – Basic Science – Pathology Teaching Assistant for Dr Muhmoud
COM - Basic Science - Research Assistant/Aging
COM - Basic Science - Research Assistant for Dr Elul
COM – Basic Science – Teaching Assistant for Dr Gochin
COM - Basic Science - Teaching Assistant for Dr Murakami
COM - Basic Science - Teaching Assistant for Dr Russell
COM - CED - Administrative Coordinator
COM - IMS - Clinical and Community Outreach Coordinator for Dr Nuno
COM - IMS - Event Coordinator for Dr Nuno
COM - IMS - Project Coordinator for Dr Nuno

COM - IMS - Symposium Operations Coordinator
COM – OMM – RIOT Research Assistant for Dr Pearce
COM – OMM – Video Editor for Dr Pearce
COM – Primary Care – Diabetes Assistant for Dr Shubrook
COM – Primary Care – Research Assistant for Dr Shubrook
COM – Primary Care – Teaching Assistant for Dr Shubrook
COP - Research Assistant for Dr Doroudgar
COP – Research Assistant for Dr McCormick
COP - Research Assistant for Dr Rajagopalan
COP - Research Assistant for Dr Zasowski
COP – Research Assistant Interviews for Dr Desselle
COP – Research Assistant Transcription for Dr Desselle
Global Health _ Research Assistant for Dr Muhmoud
Global Health – Teaching Assistant for Dr Muhmoud
GSOE - Operations Support Assistant
GSOE - Social Media and Digital Communications Assistant
Library Student Assistant - Remote

MPH – Research Assistant - Health Equity & Criminal Justice
MPH – Research Assistant for Dr Hernandez
MPH – Research Assistant for Dr Hernandez for Fall

MPH - Research Assistant for Dr Strouse
MPH – Research Assistant Youth in Action for Dr Aalborg
MPH - Social Justice Fellow Workgroup

MPH – Social Media Assistant for Exonerated Nation

MPH - SolanoConnex – Mental Health Navigator
MPH – SRH Research Assistant for Dr Burrowes
MPH - Teaching Assistant for Dr Burrowes (Research Methodology)
MPH – Teaching Assistant for Dr Sa
MPH - Teaching Assistant for Dr Sa (Biostatistics Course)
OSA - Office Assistant Student Activities
OSL - Student Life - Office Assistant