Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What are the Office of the Registrar's hours?
The Office of the Registrar is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Friday.

What is the Office of the Registrar's address?

The Office of the Registrar is located in Wilderman Hall, Rooms 202 & 204.

The mailing address is:
Touro University California
Office of the Registrar
930 Walnut Dr
Vallejo, CA 94592



What is a matriculated student?
A matriculated student is someone who has formally applied and been accepted into a degree or certificate program. ONLY matriculated students may be eligible to receive financial aid.

What is the difference between a full-time and part-time course load?
A full-time load is nine (9) credit hours or more during regular semester hours. A part-time load is anything less than nine (9) credit hours during regular semester hours.

What is a credit hour?
A course credit (often credit hour, or just credit or "unit") is a unit that gives weighting to the value, level or time requirements of an academic course taken at an educational institution.

Credit hours are based on the number of "contact hours" per week in class, for one term; formally, Semester Credit Hours. A contact hour includes any lecture or lab time when the professor is teaching the student or coaching the student while they apply the course information to an activity. Regardless of the duration of the course (a short semester like summer or intersession) and depending on the State of California or jurisdiction, a semester credit hour (SCH) is 15-16 contact hours per semester or 30 hours of lab time. To provide students with the minimum of contact hours while accounting for holidays, Touro University start dates, etc., many courses will have 50 or more contact hours. Faculty typically teach 15 - 20 SCH or more per semester (5 days per week. Faculty at Touro University typically has a load of 12 - 15 SCH per semester.

Click here to see how a credit hour is calculated by your college/program.

Is financial aid available to part-time students?
Financial aid is available for eligible students who have been formally accepted to a degree or certificate program and are enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours per semester.

When do I register for classes?
There are three registration periods per academic year. The registration periods are approximately mid-March to mid-April for the summer semester, mid-June to mid-July for the fall semester and mid-October to mid-November for the spring semester.

How do I make changes to my registration?
Once a student has registered for courses, he or she may make changes to their schedule by submitting an add/drop form by the published add/drop deadline. Students may choose from any of the following add/drop methods: mail-in, fax or in person at 690 Walnutl, during the add/drop periods. These dates are posted on the Registrar’s calendar. All add/drop requests must be approved and signed by the instructor before submission to the Registrar.

*Note: One add/drop form must be submitted for each semester that you are making changes.*

  • Adding Classes
    Touro University California permits students to add a course to his or her schedule during the published add date/deadline. This procedure gives students some flexibility to adjust their schedule.
  • Dropping Classes
    Touro University California provides students with an opportunity to drop a course or all courses without academic penalty provided that the courses are dropped before the last date/deadline to drop.

NOTE: Students will not be dropped from a class simply because he or she stops attending. Students must officially drop the course. Dropping courses is the student's responsibility; it is also the student's responsibility to be aware of the published add/drop dates. Remember, students have not officially dropped a class unless the student has submitted the proper form to the Office of the Registrar and received email confirmation. Completed Registration and Add/Drop Forms may be submitted to the Office of the Registrar in person, by mail, by fax to 707-638-5267 or by email to

It is the student’s responsibility to check with the Bursar or Financial aid to determine if you will be responsible for tuition charges, fees or if you will be eligible for a refund.

What are the criteria for being an officially registered student at Touro University California?
• You must be enrolled in at least one course.
• Your registration fees must have been paid, either in full or, on a payment plan.
• You must have no blocks against your registration.
• You must complete and submit a registration form to the Office of the Registrar.

Where can I obtain a confirmation of my registration?
You can print a confirmation of your registration on TC Web under "My Schedule."  If you need an official printout, you can request a registration confirmation from Office of the Registrar.

Click here for the Verification Request Form.

Where do I pay my fees?
Fees are paid online by selecting QuikPay in TC Web. For more information, you will need to contact the Bursar's Office.

I am a new student and I can’t use tcweb access because I don’t have my student ID number. Can you give it to me?
Yes. You will need to come in person to the Office of the Registrar and provide a picture ID. Student ID numbers can not be released over the phone.

Emergency Contact Information

Your TouroOne portal has an Emergency Contact Information Tab for you to access and initially enter, and then maintain this information.  Please attend to this before you attend your first class!  This information can then be accessed by the University in case of an Emergency.  

Additionally, most cell phones provide an emergency contact feature that we encourage all students to utilize. This feature provides this information to  first responders in any emergency. 

 Here is the link to a powerpoint tutorial.   Cell phone Tutorial


Address Changes

How do I change my address on official Touro University records?
You can change your local mailing address, permanent mailing address, phone number and personal email address by submitting a Contact Information Update Form to the Office of the Registrar.  Changes made through the Office of the Registrar will update your information with the Registrar, Bursar and Financial Aid Offices.

NOTE: To change your mailing address for Work Study Checks, you must contact the Financial Aid Office directly.

Click here for the Contact Information Update Form.

Cancellation and Withdrawal

I am unable to attend classes this semester. What do I do?
If you will be unable to attend any courses for a semester or more, you will need to take an official Leave of Absense from the University.  You will need to complete a Leave of Absense Request form which must be approved and signed by the Registrar, the Associate Dean of Student Services, the Dean/Program Director of your college/program, the Bursar, and the Financial Aid Director.  Those students that are taking a leave due to medical issues must also obtain the approval of the Student Health Director.

If you are currently registered in the semester, your classes will be dropped based on the effective date of your leave request.  It is your responsibilty, as the student, to check with the Bursar or Financial Aid Offices to determine if you will be responsible for tuition charges, fees or if you will be eligible for a refund.

Click here for the Leave of Absense Request Form.

Before you will be permitted to return to classes, you will need to complete a petition to return to classes.  A Petition to Return Form should be submitted approximately one month prior to your intended return date.

Click here for the Petition to Return to Classes Form.

I would like to withdraw from Touro University California.  How do I do it?
If you decide that you no longer want to be a student at Touro University California, you will need to officially withdraw from the University.  You will need to complete a Withdrawal Request form which must be approved and signed by the Registrar, the Associate Dean of Student Services, the Dean/Program Director of your college/program, the Bursar, and the Financial Aid Director.  Those students that are withdrawing due to medical issues must also obtain the approval of the Student Health Director.

If you decide at a later date that you would like to re-enter Touro University California, you must contact the Admissions Office.

Click here for the Withdrawal Request Form.


Veteran Benefits

I am a veteran or a dependant of a veteran. Where do I go to apply for benefits?
The VA Certifying Official, Dr. Ron Travenick is located in the Office of the Registrar. He can provide assistance to all veterans and reservists, whether or not they are receiving benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA Certifying Official acts as a liaison, can provides counseling and serves as a resource for all matters relating to veterans benefits.

For more information, please contact the VA Certifying Official at 707-638-5984 or by email at


When will my grades be posted?
Grades are entered by the course instructor into TouroOne.   Instructors typically have 14 days after the close of the semester to enter grades, more time is allowed for rotations. 

How do I get a copy of my final grades?
Touro University California does not mail out final semester grades.  Final grades can be viewed online on TC Web.  If you need an official copy of your grades, you must request an official transcript.

How is my GPA calculated?
Touro University California utilizes a numerical percentage grading system where each grade point awarded effects the students' GPA.

Click here for the Touro University California Grade Scale.

How do I get my class rank?
Class ranking is calculated once a year after the completion of the spring semester for the  PharmD program and should be available from the Office of the Registrar after July 15.

NOTE: If you have any missing grades when the class rank is calculated, your class rank will not be recalculated once those grades have been submitted.

To request your class rank, please send an email to, subject: Class Rank. In the body of the email, you must include your name, college, class year and student ID#.

How do I get a grade changed?
To have a grade changed, you must contact your program. All grade changes must be approved by your program then submitted to the Office of the Registrar for recording.

How long do I have to clear an incomplete grade?
Incomplete grades which have not been resolved within the academic year will be administratively converted to an unsatisfactory "U" grade by the Registrar. Once an incomplete has been changed to a "U", it can only be changed to a "U/P."

Where can I get a description of a particular course?
Official descriptions of courses offered at Touro University California can be obtained from the College/Program Catalogs which are available on the Touro University California website.

I need to get an official verification of my student status. Where do I go?
Verification of student status can be requested from the Office of the Registrar.

Click here for the Verification Request Form.

How do I restrict the release of my directory information (i.e name, address, etc.)?
You can restrict your directory information by completing the Authorization to Withhold Directory Information section of Annual FERPA Notice and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar.

Click here for the Annual Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) Notice.


Name Changes

Where do I go to have my name changed on official Touro University California records?
If you wish to change your official name of record with Touro University California, you must submit your request to the Office of the Registrar with the appropriate legal documentation. Per the 911 Act, all documentation submitted with a name change request must be certified (i.e court documents or marriage license).  You will also be asked to provide a copy of your driver's license and social security card showing your new name.

If you wish to change your name after you have graduated, please provide the appropriated information. All diploma replacement fees and conditions concerning reissued diplomas apply.

Click here for the Name Change Request Form.




What are considered student records?
Records maintained By Touro University California include but not limited to: transcripts, (grades), exam scores, evaluations, financial aid records, applications, disciplinary actions, letters of recommendations, personal statement, loan collections, copy of conferred degree, COMLEX or USMLE scores.

What are not considered student records?
The following information is not considered part of the student record:

• Alumni records
• Employment records
• Police records
• Psychological records
• Medical records
• Personal records of instruction

What can be disclosed to the student?
Transcripts, grades, exam papers, test scores, evaluations, financial aid records, LOA forms and registration forms.

Are students prohibited from accessing certain portions of their own student records?
Yes. Students are not allowed access to:

• Confidential statements to which the students has waived access rights
• Records containing information about another student

What can be disclosed to third parties (including parents and spouses)?
Student records information falls into two general categories:

1. Public information, to which parents have access and
2. Confidential information, to which third parties may have access only if the student signs the appropriate written authorization.

What information is considered to be public information at Tour University California?
Directory (public) information may be obtained without prior authorization. Each department, school, college, office, program or entity which maintains records is required to give public notice of the categories of information designated as directory information. These units are not required to include all of the following, but may not designate as directory information anything more than:

• Student’s name
• Addresses (local/permanent/e-mail)
• Telephone numbers
• Date and place of birth
• Dates of attendance
• Number of units in which enrolled
• Major field of study
• Last school attended
• Degrees and honors
• Participation in official student activities

What information is considered to be confidential information at Touro University California?
Everything that is not included in the list of “directory information” is considered confidential.

Policies also permit students to have the Touro University treat directory information as confidential, so third parties’ access to the above information may be limited if a student so requests. The student must sign the Authorization to withhold directory information form within 14 days from the beginning of the fall semester.

Parents and Spouses

When does my son/daughter/spouse officially become a student?
Once an admitted applicant submits a statement of intent to register to the University, s/he is considered a student whose records are subject to privacy protections governed by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Touro University California policies implementing these regulations. Prior to submitting a statement of intent, a student’s records are subject to different privacy protections under the information privacy act.

I pay all or half of my son/daughter/spouse bills. Does this give me a right to access the student records of my child/spouse?
No. The University considers your son/daughter/spouse as an adult, regardless of age or financial dependence.

Which student records can a parent or spouse obtain without prior authorization?
Public information may be obtained by a parent or spouse without prior authorization.

What constitutes an appropriate written authorization/waiver of confidentiality?
Your son, daughter or spouse must provide a signed letter to the campus Office of the Registrar which maintains the sought after record, expressly permitting your review of his or her student record and specifying the length of time for which access is granted.

What if a parent or spouse needs to access a student’s record as a result of a health or safety emergency?
Request should be directed to the Office of Student Services, Associate Dean for Student Services at (707) 638-5935, with a description of the nature of the emergency need to contact the student.

At the discretion of the Associate Dean and the Office of the Registrar, disclosure of a limited amount of information may be made to appropriate parties in connection with an emergency when the information is necessary to protect the health and safety of the student or other persons.