Graduation and Diplomas


Touro University California holds commencement ceremonies each year at the end of the spring semester.  The dates for this years events will be posted soon.
For more information on your specific ceremony please keep in touch with your program or this site

click here.



To graduate and have your degree conferred:

  1. submit an on-line grad application (TouroOne) after 1/12/22 and before 4/1/22 to insure conferral review and processing.


if planning to participate in the ceremony….

  1. Sign up for regalia on the Jostens site by 4/1/22.


Graduation Application Process - getting your degree conferred and obtaining a diploma! 

The application to graduate is online and available to you through TouroOne.  Please use the degree Works tool on TouroOne to check that you are ready to have your degree conferred.  Check that all your past grades are in and that any resolve any Incompletes on your record.   Typically, this means that the only requirements that you will have left are the submission of final grades for the Spring term. Then proceed to your TouroOne page and click on the ACADEMIC tab to find the “Apply for Graduation” box.  

Once you submit an online graduation application for a degree program, you will be blocked from submitting again but can view the status of your degree conferral and Conferral date on TouroOne.  Dual degree students (DO/MPH and PharmD/MPH) will need to apply for both degrees.

The next available conferral date, typically used for your group, will be assigned to you as you apply online.  If needed, we will change that date to the earliest one after your requirements are filled (courses taken, grades submitted). You will be able to see if your status or date is adjusted on TouroOne.  If your program requirements are not met by the conferral date (all grades and requirements) you will be assigned the next conferral date.  

The application will collect/list some vital information from you necessary to confer a degree. Including:

*Mailing address for Diploma.  Since this gets printed and mailed after your conferral date, you may wish to enter a new/different address than the one you have on record. 

* Your intent to participate in Commencement ceremonies (or not) While your program will also be contacting you for this information, this helps us to plan well ahead and start checking your records for degree conferral.  


The University pays for your regalia  and it is yours to keep. When ordering, you will be charged the shipping cost.   The Jostens site will open by Feb 1st for you to order your Regalia. A link will be added below this message as soon as the Jostens site is available.

 Consider the option of creating a log in and password on the site if you wish to check back on the status of your order.

Click on the graduation caps and gown box-   You will be asked to select your degree level-  if you are graduating with any single degree (DO, PharmD, DNP, MPH, MSMHS, MSN or any education degree or certificate choose the first selection then the level (certificate, masters or doctorate level).  From there you will fill out your Height/WT and specific discipline.  

For any dual or joint degree choose the appropriate line because you need a special, dual degree hood.  Please only order 1 set of regalia.  These come with your discipline PA, DO or Pharm color band and piping in the MPH color. 

Some additional regalia info-

All regalia will be shipped to the address you supply on the Jostens site.  All orders will be processed as received so the sooner you order, the sooner it will get your regalia in the mail.  You may receive the Hood and robe separately.  The deadline to order and be guaranteed delivery by the ceremony is 4/1/22   

 All hoods will have your discipline color on the band.  Dual degree students will have discipline color bands with accent piping for the MPH degree. Doctorate robes will come with velvet chevrons and front panels in the color of your discipline.  Masters’ robes are black material and black panels/chevrons






Applications close

Application deadline- 

participating in ceremony


ALL NOW 1/3/2021   1/7/2022
PharmD  1/12/2022 5/10/2022   5/13/2022
DO and CEHS  1/12/2022 5/20/2022   6/3/2022
PA, MSMHS plus other students needing later conferral date- can be assigned by Registrar   5/10/2021   6/24/2022
ALL (summer graduation) 5/21/2022  8/5/2022   8/12/2022
All  8/6/2022 10/3/2022   10/7/2022
All 10/4/2022 12/26/2022   1/6/2023



Conferral date:  This date will appear, along with your degree, on your transcripts and diploma.

Commencement Ceremony date:  There is one commencement ceremony, per program, per year. Participation is not required.  Participation in this activity is open to students who have had their degrees conferred during the past year and those who plan to complete their degrees before the end of the Calendar Year.   .    



Your diploma is ordered AFTER your degree is conferred not the Commencement Ceremony date.  Your degree will be mailed from the printer to the address you provided on your graduation application, 2-6 weeks after the conferral date. 

PDF copies of your diploma are available in a few weeks after ordering and can be emailed to you to meet employment or residency needs.  Diplomas list your name, the name of the degree (MA,MS,MEd, DO, DNP  ...)  Major/concentration information is included on your transcript. 

Your name will appear on your diploma as it appears on your graduation application and is your name in TouroOne.

If you wish to change your name, you must submit a request to have your name changed to the Office of the Registrar along with the appropriate legal documentation by the deadline for all final grades and documents.

Click here for the Name Change Request Form.

NOTE: Your diploma will not be released until all holds (i.e.a bursar hold) on your account have been cleared.

Masters candidates receive an 8.5" x 11" diploma. 

Doctoral candidates receive both a 14"x 11" AND an 8.5"x11" diploma.   


Ordering a New/Replacement Diploma

If your diploma has been lost, damaged, or destroyed, you may order a replacement diploma from the Office of the Registrar.  You must submit a Replacement Diploma Request Form either in person or by mail along with your original diploma if possible and a check or money order in the amount of $30.00 payable to Touro University California.

Replacement diplomas will be issued in the format currently used and will bear the signatures of the current institute officers.

Click here for the Diploma Request Form.

If you would  like to order a replacement diploma because you legally changed your name, in addition to the request form, diploma, and payment, you must also submit a Name Change Request Form and all supporting documents. 

Click here for the Name Change Request Form.

NOTE: If you require only a photocopy of your diploma for licensing purposes and not a new diploma, you may request a copy by completing the Verification Request Form.

Click here for the Verification Request Form.