There are situations when individual students or student organizations are interested in initiating an event or activity beyond those that are part of the regular University calendar or marketing/sales activities. In these cases students need to fill out and submit an Extracurricular Activity Request Form through their club’s Campus Groups page and submit it to Winnie Bush, Director of Student Activities.

The Director of Student Activities will review the request with the requesting student(s) or student group(s). If given provisional approval the requester(s) will be directed to make contact with the appropriate campus resources to continue activity planning and development.  Such resources may include:

  • The IT Department

  • The Facilities Department

  • Touro Food Services

  • The Master Calendar Committee

  • Campus Room Schedulers

  • The Campus Rabbi

  • Other entities necessary for activity production

Once all necessary campus resources have been contacted and it is confirmed that there are no conflicts, final approval will be granted.


Any representation of the University, either through an activity or through images, designs or written communications must have the written approval of the University. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of the Touro University California name or logo.  Any unauthorized representation of the University can result in disciplinary action against the student or student organization, up to and including dismissal from the University.