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TUConnect is a student engagement tool utilized by our Division of Student Affairs to help recognize registered student groups and departments. Below are some items we utilize TUConnect for:

          • List of all clubs on campus

          • Promote on campus events and programs

          • Track attendance

          • Collect information through forms and surveys

          • Keep track of events and sync them to their calendar

          • Easily check-in at events 

          • Share updates and photos, other files

          • Check the latest news from their group or organization 

          • Connect with classmates through internal messaging

          • Host club officer’s elections

          • Communicate between organizations and departments on campus

          • Explore Housing Options

          • Buy and Sale Feature

"How To" articles posted below for more information and help navigating TUConnect:


Events & Activities

There are a number of events on campus throughout the year that are coordinated by Student Services that students, faculty, staff and alumni are welcome to attend. Watch for announcements and invitations to attend special events such as:

        • The Winter Gala in January, sponsored by the Student Government Association, where the entire campus community enjoys an evening of socializing and great fun.

        • The lively and spirited Big Basketball Game between students from the California Campus and the Nevada Campus that is part of a developing Alumni Days Program in late February that includes professional development and networking opportunities for alumni, students, faculty and staff on both campuses. (This event is held in California on even years, and in Nevada on odd years.)

        • The Teen Life Conference (TLC) held in February or March which gives Touro students and services providers from the community a chance to share information about relevant health care topics with Vallejo high school students.  For more infomation, go to:  http://teenlifeconference.com/

        • The Touro Talent Show held every spring that showcases the amazing abilities of our students and some staff and faculty as well to entertain and delight an audience.